15 Largest US Cities

2015 rankCityStateWhite percentageNon-Hispanic White2015 estimate2010 CensusChange
8San DiegoCalifornia58.9%45.1%1,394,9281,307,402+6.69%
13San FranciscoCalifornia48.5%41.9%864,816805,235+7.40%
1New YorkNew York44.0%33.3%8,550,4058,175,133+4.59%
10San JoseCalifornia42.8%28.7%1,026,908945,942+8.56%
2Los AngelesCalifornia41.3%28.7%3,971,8833,792,621+4.73%
7San AntonioTexas69.6%26.6%1,469,8451,327,407+10.73%

Cities with the highest percentage of White-Americans (includes White Hispanic)

Top Ten cities with 100,000 or more total population of white alone[9]
CityTotal PopulationRankPercent of total resident population
Laredo, Texas261,639195.4
Hialeah, Florida238,942292.6
Corpus Christi, Texas325,733389.3
Boise, Idaho228,790489.1
Scottsdale, Arizona255,310587.9
Lincoln, Nebraska287,401685.2
Spokane, Washington219,190785.1
Gilbert, Arizona248,279882.8
Mesa, Arizona508,958982.8
El Paso, Texas682,6691080.8
San Antonio, Texas1,493,0001180.5
Lubbock, Texas255,8851280.2
Madison, Wisconsin258,0541378.4


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