Online purchasing is now part of our everyday life. Especially during the pandemic, the requirements for online purchases have risen significantly.

The UN Conference of Trade and Development report shows online purchasing has drastically changed from 16 to 19% during the pandemic.

But what do people buy the most online?

Frankly, people mostly purchase casual items and different categories of daily usable products such as clothing, electronics, and beauty products. But books and travel items are also enlisted as common first choices.

Let’s get to what people buy the most and why!

What percentage of people buy the most online?

As the pandemic spikes the number of online purchases, more people have been connecting in the cloud of online ecommerce sales each day. The percentage of people connecting to online ecommerce websites each year is staggering.

Over two billion people were online shoppers in 2020 and 2021, and by counting the numbers, over a quarter of the whole world population has access to at least one online website.

Awesome, right? But a more astonishing fact is:

From the online purchase revenue perspective, Insider Intelligence anticipates that online sales will reach the $1 trillion dollar mark in 2022, and continuing the growth, it will be over 563 billion dollars by 2025.

There are several factors behind the increasing number of online purchases, such as:

  • The growing number of handheld smartphone devices used
  • Giant marketers and their special offers
  • Different social media platforms
  • Seamless and faster product deliveries

Online giants are trying their best to supply the products while maintaining the overall integrity of the products. Customers visit the webpage, and the detailed descriptions of the product appear instantly in front of customers.

As the days go by, the rapid growth of online shopping has been increasing. Experts expect that online shopping won’t stop its growth anywhere shortly.

The following table shows various trendy product items and their market value:

Product NameMarket Value
Clothing items$2 trillion
Shoe items$530 billion
Electronic and technology products$1.14 trillion
Toys$94.7 billion
Pet products$232 billion
Pens and pencils$13.9 billion
Power tools$56.1 billion
Reusable water tools$12 billion
Wireless charging stations$40.24 billion
Jigsaw puzzles$790 million

Let’s go over them in more detail now!

10 Trending products people buy the most online

Since the advent of digitalization, ecommerce businesses have been an excellent choice for online shopping. Many people do not even think about a day without purchasing items from an ecommerce website.

Whether you are an owner or consumer, both grab the online transaction facilities and thanks to the revolutionary impact of digitalization and broad internet access to the public.

People have the freedom to choose their products from everyday life, whether it’s household or kitchen utility.

But what do consumers buy the most online?

Let’s find out the most bought items online.

1. Clothing items

Cloth items

The first item that has occupied the most sold product globally is clothing items.

According to Statista, the apparel market will reach close to $2 trillion by 2025. Since the start of COVID-19, online shopping statistics show that 90% of consumers around the globe have purchased clothing items.

Some clothing items such as loungewear, sportswear, wide-leg pants, corsets, sweater vests, and cardigans are the most popular products.

While many shops are closing their sales because of the increasing impact of COVID-19, some offline retail shops are expecting to reopen. As people are staying at home, online shops are rapidly growing each year.

Reasons why clothing items are bought online a lot

So, why are clothing items one of the top-selling products online?

The fashion trend and urban life have constantly been changing. But the change has been enormous in the last few years.

The growing fashion industry and online selling with people’s mindset about maintaining different trends and traditions significantly impact clothing items to be one of the top most popular products.

Let’s see some of the points that made the clothing items top:

  • Different styles are dominating the fashion industry. The fashion trend and styles are developing each day. With the growing trend and styles, people tend to go for the new ones.

    These constantly evolved styles and trends are dominating people’s choices and minds. So, people always opt to get stylish and trendy clothing items.
  • Increasing social media trends. In the last few years, social media have greatly influenced different trends and fashions.

    People post on various social media when there’s a new trend or fashion for clothing comes. This way people come to know what clothing items are trendy these days.
  • Comfortable wearing is mostly chosen. The fashion trend for ‘then and now’ has a huge difference. It’s now outdated what men and women used to wear a couple of months before. So, people wear what they feel is trendy and precise for them.
  • Formal wearing is taking the place. While people tend to spend most of the time in the office or business, they love to wear traditional dresses. The formal dressing makes the impression higher for the bosses and clients.

2. Shoes

As the apparel industry grows, footwear brands are also quality products that people buy the most. The footwear industry is one of the fastest-growing brands and contributes to the success of the worldwide popularity of shoe products.

According to current market trends, the footwear market is constantly shaping and changing the customers’ purchase habits.

Statistics show that in 2022, over $488 million in revenue has been raised, and it’s expected to grow 7.65% each year.

Some trendy shoe items are leather, athletic, sneakers or textile, and other miscellaneous categories that consumers prefer.

Reasons why shoes are bought online a lot

People of different age groups prefer trendy yet comfortable shoes.

As India and China are the major footwear exporters in developing countries, the shoe industry is rapidly growing its market.

  • Different trends and fashion. Footwear these days have different styles and trends.

    Different companies are manufacturing various trendy shoes each day. Celebrities, players, and musicians have different styles of footwear these days.
  • Various sports footwear. There are multiple categories of footwear in the marketplace.

    Sports footwear is one of them, and famous brands such as Puma, Nike, Adidas, Reebok, and more are upcoming in the marketplace.

    Famous sports like golf, and soccer has different footwear for players in this category.
  • Manufacturing cheap shoesCheap shoes are one of the reasons people constantly buy shoes from the ecommerce marketplace.

    All kinds of shoes, including cheap shoe exporters, are mainly from India and China. Most developing countries depend on India and China for affordable footwear.

3. Electronic and technology products

The global trends for electronics and technology products are rapidly growing. Electronic products are one of the topmost bought items online.

Every household owns electrical products, so the need for electronic products is nonetheless invaluable.

On the other hand, the most used technology product is the mobile phone and computer. Mobile phone products are so affordable and convenient for consumers that over seven billion people will start using cell phones by 2027.

As the usage of mobile phones is increasing, mobile accessories are on the rise as well. Some of them are mobile holders, camera tripods, wireless chargers, and phone cases.

Some trending electronic products are LED TVs, Digital Cameras, generators, home theatres, and musical instruments.

Since the rise of mobile phone products, many stores for phone accessories are opening, and some of them have started to sell mobile phone products online.

Reasons why electronic and technology products are bought online a lot

As people are leading hustling and bustling life, they need something that would ease their work. People prefer to save time and stamina. Different electronic devices and mobile technologies are bringing evolution in this regard.

Mobile technology and its accessories like power banks, wireless chargers, and headphones increase the chance of getting on a long-distance journey.

Electronic devices such as television, cameras, and home theater are more used for entertainment.

So, large numbers of people are choosing to buy these items.

4. Toys

This product is one of the major selling items online. Although most of this product’s consumers are kids, this product is no surprise topped on the most bought items online.

Parents mostly want this product for their kids for recreational activity and the development of their children’s emotional and mental growth.

The total toy market revenue in recent years is astonishing. In 2020, the world toy market had a record over $94 billion in revenue, and this has been a common scenario since 2010. The market growth has been over 13% since 2010.

Reasons why toys are bought online a lot

Mostly, toys are the reflection of different cultures and civilizations. So, parents want to introduce this to their children with various toys. Other factors that work behind this product being one of the most bought items is:

  • Attractive design. Kids’ toys are delicate things crafted with various designs and images. Kids love to see colorful objects, which makes the manufacturer design toys with kids’ choice.
  • Keeping children occupied. Kids love to play with toys and games. Different games such as puzzles, board games, and musical toys are games that stimulate their brain and enhance their creativity.

    Parents want their children to be occupied by toys to do their work seamlessly.
  • Developing child’s mental and social growth. Some kids love to play with toys all day long and they cannot spare a moment without toys.

    So, to make them happy and smiling, parents purchase such toys that would boost their mental and social growth.
  • Relating child to the present world. Some toys symbolize meaningful artwork and crafts or most of the time animals, birds, or dolls. Different categories of toys such as lions, tigers, or a city or town resemble a toy.

    As kids love to play with toys, parents purchase toys that are related to the present world.

5. Pet products

Pet products have been expanding their market, and in 2020, these were already valued at over $232 billion. The expectation for raising the value is 6.1% by 2027. Moreover, the United States has primarily dominated the pet food market.

As owners of pets are willing to spend any amount to keep their pets healthy and happy, the demand for pet products is gradually rising. During the pandemic, more people have managed their expenditure on pet products.

Pet products such as food, dog bowls, cat beds, and pet carriers are the most bought items for pet products.

Reasons why pet products are bought online a lot

Pet products are always in demand for trendy items. Over the years, pet food has been the most trending product online. As the pandemic hits, the craving for pet products is gradually increasing.

So, let’s see what makes the pet products trendy:

  • Showcasing different categories of foods. Many shops contain different categories of pet products such as pet food, pet cages, pet groomers, or, pet supplements.

    So customers are more prone to purchase pet products. More categories of pet products are coming to the market as the day goes by.
  • Increase pet ownershipPet ownership has been increasing. Whether for security reasons or someone’s will to pet a dog or cat has increased. Significantly, in Covid spending time with pets has increased dramatically in the US.
  • Quality and faster service. Like other ecommerce products, pet products are also part of the online business.

    As online business is rapidly growing and people are getting quality pet products within a faster timeframe, people purchase pet products online.

6. Pens and pencils

Pens and pencils are some of the trendy products that have been top-selling items in recent years.

As writing instruments, pens and pencils have been widely used, especially in education. Because of covid, the urgency and demand for pens and pencils have risen.

The worldwide writing instruments market has reached beyond the expectation of analyzers, with approximately $22.9 billion in revenue by 2025. While in 2020, the revenue was $15.89 billion. Researchers expect to 7.4% growth rate by 2025.

Reasons why pens and pencils are bought online a lot

Students are the largest consumers of pens and pencils. In the education sector, writing instruments are the most important thing.

On the other hand, growing demand among painters and artists raises the total revenue for pens and pencils. However, the requirements increase because of:

  • The growing importance of education. We know pens and pencils are the most used things in the education sector. Whether people are in office, school, or university, they always need pens and pencils.

    As global communication has been developing and education has been spreading out radically, the requirement for these writing instruments is increasing.
  • Promotional apparel and calendars. Fashion artists draw different designs and crafts in apparel in the fashion industry. They use pens and pencils to work on the apparel.

    Moreover, when creating promotional calendars, artists use pencils to create a custom design. So, purchasing pens and pencils online have increased significantly.

7. Power tools

Power tools are one of the most common and popular products among consumers. This category of product always gets in high demand in construction works.

As urbanization has been drastically changing the ways of work, requirements for different power tools have been raised.

The requirement for tools in recent years was surprising. In 2020, approximately $41.9 billion in revenue has been generated, and experts anticipate reaching $56.1 billion by 2025. (Source)

Different power tools such as drilling machines, cordless electric saws, grinders, and polishers are most popular.

Reasons why power tools are bought online a lot

Professionals and enthusiast workers find power tools the major instrument for their renovation or construction works. Whether working on a small or big project, power tools are always in demand among professionals.

  • Highly demandable by professionals. In construction work, plumbers and professionals use electric saws, grinders, or drilling machines to ease their work. It is expected that the usage of power tools will increase significantly by the year 2025.
  • Increase in DIY trend. Self-made products are increasing as the day goes. People love to show their creativity and crafts with self-made products.

    It is called a DIY trend. As the DIY trend has increased, customers purchase power tools to create DIY products.
  • Product renovation works. While working on a project or design renovation work, power tools are always the first choice to work it out.

    Power tools assist artists in completing their projects, whether their creation or renovation.

8. Reusable water bottles

Plastic bottles have been used globally, and the wastages are high in percentage. Worldwide usage of plastic bottles is touching a million numbers every minute. This percentage is so high that water bottles need to be recycled.

Water bottles require a replacement. The reusable water bottle has grown by 3.4% in recent years.

For this reason, reusable water bottle was one of the most bought items online in the past year.

Reasons why reusable water bottles are bought online a lot

As the rising water bottle waste increases and people want to have durable and cost-effective bottles, reusable water bottles are constantly taking the place of casual bottles.

Let’s see why people bought the reusable bottles:

  • Rapid demand on packed beverage items. Packed beverage items are popular products in different countries.

    Mexico alone has consumed over 72 gallons of packed beverage water bottles per capita in 2020. Most bought packed products are alcoholic beverages, milk, and dairy.
  • Easily customizable. Reusable water bottles are easily customizable in different sizes and shapes. Some bottle comes with varying options of customization.
  • More durable. Reusable water bottles are more durable than traditional plastic bottles. Traditional bottles can be flimsy but reusable bottles have a strong build around the bottles, so these bottles will rarely get any cracks.

9. Wireless charging stations

Wireless charging stations have been one of the preferable products in recent years. This convenient technology brings your device charging to the palm of your hand.

The wireless charging stations global market was worth $6 billion in 2018. Recent analysis shows it will grow by over $40 billion by 2027. A wireless charging station can charge three devices at a time. So, it really brings evolution to charging devices.

So, how does charging really work that makes it so convenient?

Wireless charging transmits the energy to the consuming device without any connection. The transmitter supplies the power, and the receiver takes power and charges the battery.

Reasons why wireless charging stations are bought online a lot

One of the primary reasons for a wireless charging station to be the most bought item online is design and reliability. Internet usage on mobile is increasing, making any device run out of charging faster.

So, the solution to this problem is to have an RF fast wireless energy-based charger. The increasing demand for fast and efficient chargers has dramatically pushed the wireless charging market.

Let’s see what the other reasons for making this one of the most bought items are:

  • Improved technology and efficient output. Wireless charging stations include various designs and power. You can simultaneously charge 2-4 phones at a time and the output is quite efficient.
  • Maintains constant power transfer. The power transfer of charging stations are higher. As the electromagnetic power transfer system maintains power for devices, wireless charging transfer supplies power to the device in constant power.

10. Jigsaw puzzles

You may be surprised to see that, but the jigsaw puzzle is one of the most popular products people have bought online.

‘Chill but challenging.’ This is the main theme of jigsaw puzzles, and people love brain-teasing and find it satisfying while passing their free time.

This lucrative puzzle game is on the chart of most popular bought items, and it makes over $700 million in the US alone. Moreover, it’s expected to grow by 6.25% each year.

Reasons why jigsaw puzzles are bought online a lot

There are several reasons for this item to be one of the most commonly bought items online. Parents want their kids to play with something that keeps them busy. On the other hand, adults find it relaxing and lucrative to pass their free time.

Passing free time. Jigsaw puzzles are great for passing free time. Parents want their kids to pass their time learning new things at every moment.

As jigsaw puzzles contain brain teasers and building objects, kids pass their time fixing and creating new things through puzzles.

  • Relaxing and easy to finish. Whether kids or grown-ups, everyone loves Jigsaw puzzles. Its lucrative design and easy-solving features lure all ages to this game.
  • Great for kids. Kids love to play with colorful things. As jigsaw puzzles are colorful and contain different characters or scenario that comes out after solving the puzzles, it is widely popular among kids.


In the end, this whole article is all about what people buy the most online and to attach you to the source of trendy items that you will find most profitable.

Every year trendy products are constantly changing with users’ choices and different cultures or traditions.

So, experiment with the above and match the present statistics to find the difference and trends for things commonly bought online!