NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. — A Newport Beach partnership of businesses and nonprofits plans to launch “Love Newport Beach Volunteer Day," the first of what the city hopes will be an annual event.

Planned for Saturday, Oct. 15, volunteers will be able to select whichever project they want as part of a day of service that includes participation from more than 25 businesses. 

“Other neighboring cities have implemented their own programs to help their communities. This one is really comes from the local churches and residences for the news of Newport Beach,” said Newport Beach Mayor Kevin Muldoon.

Volunteers will meet at City Hall, at 100 Civic Center Drive, and share breakfast before dispersing for tasks such as a beach cleanup.

The new day is part of a larger Newport Beach project known as “Renew Newport.” The new volunteer day, headed by Muldoon and nonprofit Trellis International, is the first of what they hope will be an ongoing brand ripe for expansion.

“We’re anticipating in a couple years time we’ll have well over 100 volunteers, we already have dozens of businesses,” Muldoon said.

One of the tasks scheduled is a fence painting project for an elderly resident, the type of project Muldoon said organizers want more of.

“I’m very excited for Renew Newport’s first volunteer day,” Muldoon said. “It’s a great way to be more engaged with your community, to renew relationships with your neighbors and contribute to the renewal of Newport Beach.”

Volunteers can sign up at