SAN DIEGO — San Diego City council members have approved an $8 million contract to start working with a consulting firm to replace the Ocean Beach Pier. 

Moffat & Nichol will now start to plan a brand new OB pier with the city’s engineering team.  

“They are very familiar with the OB pier, and we have hired them to take a look, see what all needs to be done,” Council member Jennifer Campbell said.  

The active transportation and infrastructure committee approved last month to move forward with the firm. Tuesday’s vote was to secure the deal, which was funded by a state grant.    

“The grant was brought to us by our own San Diegan, President Pro-tem of the State Senate Toni Atkins, and she very graciously got us that money so we could get started on the planning phases,” Campbell said.  

Campbell says the firm is well known for building piers throughout the West Coast.  

“If you look at the underwater pictures, you know this thing is going to have to be rebuilt,” Campbell said.  

The firm was hired back in 2017 to provide the city with inspections, evaluations and repair recommendations. Due to a series of severe storms in 2019 and 2021, the pier can no longer be repaired, instead replaced.  

Campbell says the next step will be for the task force, the city and the firm come together to bring ideas to the table to build a state-of-the-art pier.  

According to staff report, the agreement between the city and Moffat & Nichols will expire in 2028.