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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Jobs for Introverts

18 Jobs That Require Little Social Interaction

By Jamie Birt

Updated November 29, 2023

Some people proudly say, "I'm a people person," and they may thus excel in hospitality and other customer-facing industries. Others, however, are more introverted and excel when left to their own devices. Some people are just happiest when working independently.

If you prefer solitude, a job that requires less human interaction might be the best route to professional success for you. All jobs require occasionally communicating with others, whether they are coworkers or bosses. Responding to emails or attending virtual meetings isn't the same as the constant public engagement required of teachers, retail clerks, and more. These days, more and more jobs offer remote work, so not having to work with the public is increasingly likely. 

In this article, we discuss 18 jobs that require little social interaction, including average salaries and primary duties.

Jobs where you don't have to deal with people

Many industries naturally require little to no interaction with the public. Fields such as technology, research and writing, for example, involve more independent work than interpersonal relationships. Success in these types of industries is often related to production, and you may find that you perform well in them if you work well alone.

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1. Custodian

National average salary: $28,540 per yearPrimary duties: A custodian cleans and maintains buildings such as hospitals, schools and businesses. They often work independently and at night when facilities are not open to the publicRelated: Learn About Being a Custodian

2. Medical transcriber

National average salary: $33,638 per yearPrimary duties: A medical transcriber types verbal health care communications (such as a doctor's dictation) to create written documents. They carefully proofread their transcriptions and upload or file them according to their employer's policies. Medical transcribers often work independently in an office setting or at homeRelated: Learn About Being a Medical Transcriber

3. Security guard

National average salary: $38,716 per yearPrimary duties: Security guards patrol their assigned area and protect property from harm. They monitor visitors to businesses and other facilities, view security camera feeds and consult with law enforcement. For the least interaction with others, choose a remote location or the night shift when buildings are closed to the public. Related: Learn About Being a Security Guard

4. Data entry clerk

National average salary: $39,575 per yearPrimary duties: A data entry clerk enters and updates information in computer systems. They handle information such as accounts receivable, accounts payable, inventory and other data. They usually work independently in an office setting or remotelyRelated: Learn About Being a Data Entry Clerk

5. Dog walker

National average salary: $42,360 per yearPrimary duties: Dog walkers care for animals by ensuring they have outdoor exercise and human interaction. The walker may take out one dog at a time or multiple dogs at once. While dog walkers must interact with pet owners to set up service, the work itself is outdoors and requires little to no interaction with peopleRelated: How To Become a Dog Walker

6. Medical coder

National average salary: $56,785 per year (coding specialist)Primary duties: Medical coders review case information from medical claims and apply the correct codes for billing purposes. They use technical software to perform their duties accurately. Medical coders often work independently in an office setting or remotelyRelated: Learn About Being a Medical Coder

7. Wind turbine technician

National average salary: $58,008 per yearPrimary duties: A wind turbine technician installs, inspects and repairs wind turbines that generate electricity. They service the top portion where the electronics are held, the tower structure and the three large blades. Demand is high enough that employers are often willing to train candidates willing to work alone outdoors and climb 200 to 400 feet to reach the turbines. Related: Learn About Being a Wind Turbine Technician

8. Diesel mechanic

National average salary: $60,847 per yearPrimary duties: A diesel mechanic diagnoses, repairs and maintains diesel equipment. They work in an industrial environment for an outside employer or themselves. Related: Learn About Being a Diesel Mechanic

9. Copywriter

National average salary: $61,691 per yearPrimary duties: Copywriters write advertising copy that appears in print and online. They use their employer's guidelines and their creative skills to generate content designed to get consumers interested in the advertiser's product or service. Copywriters work for advertising agencies or independently as freelancers. They may interact with others to receive assignments and feedbackRelated: Learn About Being a Copywriter

10. Laboratory technician

National average salary: $62,291 per yearPrimary duties: Lab technicians perform medical, scientific and technological tests in a laboratory environment. Their duties often include calibrating equipment, recording data and reporting information correctly. Lab techs work in a variety of fields, often in the health care industryRelated: Learn About Being a Lab Technician

11. Accountant

National average salary: $62,394 per yearPrimary duties: An accountant reviews financial information for individuals, businesses and organizations. They handle spending reports, internal audits and tax preparation. Accountants work as employees of accounting firms or for themselves as entrepreneurs. They usually interact with managers or clients at the beginning and end of the process but conduct their audits independentlyRelated: Learn About Being an Accountant

12. Technical writer

National average salary: $63,436 per yearPrimary duties: Technical writers create documents such as product manuals and handbooks that readers can easily understand. They conduct research, organize their ideas, write clearly and revise their work carefully. Technical writers work for industrial companies or on a freelance basis. They interact with others to receive and review assignments but research and write independentlyRelated: Learn About Being a Technical Writer

13. Data analyst

National average salary: $76,867 per yearPrimary duties: A data analyst employs computer software to gather, organize and interpret large amounts of information. Companies use this information to guide their business decisions. Data analysts often work independently in an office setting or remotelyRelated: Learn About Being a Data Analyst

14. Surveyor

National average salary: $79,755 per yearPrimary duties: Surveyors measure and record property boundaries for individuals, businesses and organizations. They frequently use high-tech equipment to perform their duties and then provide their results to architects, construction managers and other professionals. Surveyors usually work independently or with a small team outdoorsRelated: Learn About Being a Surveyor

15. Truck driver

National average salary: $101,894 per yearPrimary duties: Truck drivers transport goods from one point to another in large trucks. They load and unload cargo, drive safely within the scope of applicable laws and complete required paperwork. They can spend days or weeks at a time away from home while working, though they usually check in with a manager or dispatcher while on the roadRelated: Learn About Being a Truck Driver

16. Actuary

National average salary: $114,863 per yearPrimary duties: An actuary assesses the risk of various scenarios on behalf of an insurance company. The company then uses this information to set insurance premiums and rates. Actuaries work independently, usually in an office or remotely. Related: Learn About Being an Actuary

17. Software engineer

National average salary: $118,156 per yearPrimary duties: Software engineers plan and develop software systems for businesses. The products they develop can include games, networking tools, operating systems and computer applications. Software engineers communicate with others as part of the development process but work mostly independently in an office or remotely. Related: Learn About Being a Software Engineer

18. Data scientist

National average salary: $124,681 per yearPrimary duties: Data scientists process raw data and communicate it in a way that recipients can understand. They use data, programming and statistics skills to help business leaders make decisions based on this information. Data scientists usually work independently in an office or remotely. Related: How To Become a Data Scientist 

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