Per capita income by county

There are 3,144 counties and county-equivalents in the United States. The source of the data is the U.S. Census Bureau and the data is current as of the indicated year. Independent cities are considered county-equivalent by the Census Bureau.

Median household income

2020 Census

Presented below are the 100 highest income counties in the United States by median household income according to the 2020 United States census.[3] Virginia has the most counties in the top 100 with 18. It is followed by California with 11; Maryland with 10; New Jersey with nine; New York and Texas with six each; Illinois with five; ColoradoMassachusetts, and Minnesota with four each; Ohio and Pennsylvania with three each; GeorgiaIndianaUtah, and Washington with two each; and Connecticutthe District of ColumbiaIowaKansasKentuckyNew HampshireNew MexicoTennessee, and Wisconsin with one each.

RankCounty or
1Loudoun CountyVirginia Virginia$147,111
2Falls ChurchVirginia Virginia$146,922
3Santa Clara CountyCalifornia California$130,890
4San Mateo CountyCalifornia California$128,091
5Fairfax CountyVirginia Virginia$127,866
6Howard CountyMaryland Maryland$124,042
7Arlington CountyVirginia Virginia$122,604
8Marin CountyCalifornia California$121,671
9Douglas CountyColorado Colorado$121,393
10Nassau CountyNew York (state) New York$120,036
11Los Alamos CountyNew Mexico New Mexico$119,266
12San Francisco CountyCalifornia California$119,136
13Hunterdon CountyNew Jersey New Jersey$117,858
14Morris CountyNew Jersey New Jersey$117,298
15Somerset CountyNew Jersey New Jersey$116,510
16Forsyth CountyGeorgia (U.S. state) Georgia$112,834
17Calvert CountyMaryland Maryland$112,696
18Nantucket CountyMassachusetts Massachusetts$112,306
19Stafford CountyVirginia Virginia$112,247
20Montgomery CountyMaryland Maryland$111,812
21Delaware CountyOhio Ohio$111,411
22Williamson CountyTennessee Tennessee$111,196
23FairfaxVirginia Virginia$109,708
24Prince William CountyVirginia Virginia$107,707
25Putnam CountyNew York (state) New York$107,246
26Summit CountyUtah Utah$106,973
27Middlesex CountyMassachusetts Massachusetts$106,202
28Rockwall CountyTexas Texas$105,956
29Fauquier CountyVirginia Virginia$105,665
30Suffolk CountyNew York (state) New York$105,362
31Norfolk CountyMassachusetts Massachusetts$105,320
32Alameda CountyCalifornia California$104,888
33Bergen CountyNew Jersey New Jersey$104,623
34Elbert CountyColorado Colorado$104,231
35Chester CountyPennsylvania Pennsylvania$104,161
36Carver CountyMinnesota Minnesota$104,011
37Contra Costa CountyCalifornia California$103,997
38Oldham CountyKentucky Kentucky$103,761
39Charles CountyMaryland Maryland$103,678
40Monmouth CountyNew Jersey New Jersey$103,523
41Scott CountyMinnesota Minnesota$103,261
42Anne Arundel CountyMaryland Maryland$103,225
43AlexandriaVirginia Virginia$102,227
44Broomfield CountyColorado Colorado$101,206
45PoquosonVirginia Virginia$100,696
46Frederick CountyMaryland Maryland$100,685
47Collin CountyTexas Texas$100,541
48Morgan CountyUtah Utah$100,408
49Fort Bend CountyTexas Texas$100,189
50Carroll CountyMaryland Maryland$99,569
51Westchester CountyNew York (state) New York$99,489
52King CountyWashington (state) Washington$99,158
53Hamilton CountyIndiana Indiana$98,880
54Kendall CountyTexas Texas$98,692
55New Kent CountyVirginia Virginia$97,688
56Washington CountyMinnesota Minnesota$97,584
57Fairfield CountyConnecticut Connecticut$97,539
58Goochland CountyVirginia Virginia$97,146
59Kendall CountyIllinois Illinois$96,854
60King George CountyVirginia Virginia$96,711
61Queen Anne's CountyMaryland Maryland$96,467
62Sussex CountyNew Jersey New Jersey$96,222
63St. Mary's CountyMaryland Maryland$95,864
64DuPage CountyIllinois Illinois$94,930
65Rockland CountyNew York (state) New York$94,840
66Orange CountyCalifornia California$94,441
67Harford CountyMaryland Maryland$94,003
68Rockingham CountyNew Hampshire New Hampshire$93,962
69Powhatan CountyVirginia Virginia$93,833
70Fayette CountyGeorgia (U.S. state) Georgia$93,777
71Placer CountyCalifornia California$93,677
72Montgomery CountyPennsylvania Pennsylvania$93,518
73York CountyVirginia Virginia$93,356
74Bucks CountyPennsylvania Pennsylvania$93,181
75Plymouth CountyMassachusetts Massachusetts$92,906
76Lake CountyIllinois Illinois$92,654
77Napa CountyCalifornia California$92,219
78Middlesex CountyNew Jersey New Jersey$91,731
79James City CountyVirginia Virginia$91,675
80Johnson CountyKansas Kansas$91,650
81Hanover CountyVirginia Virginia$91,444
82Spotsylvania CountyVirginia Virginia$90,913
83WashingtonWashington, D.C. District of Columbia$90,842
84Williamson CountyTexas Texas$90,834
85Will CountyIllinois Illinois$90,800
86Gilpin CountyColorado Colorado$90,547
87Denton CountyTexas Texas$90,354
88Burlington CountyNew Jersey New Jersey$90,329
89McHenry CountyIllinois Illinois$90,014
90Santa Cruz CountyCalifornia California$89,986
91New York CountyNew York (state) New York$89,812
92Boone CountyIndiana Indiana$89,444
93Warren CountyOhio Ohio$89,410
94Ventura CountyCalifornia California$89,295
95Snohomish CountyWashington (state) Washington$89,273
96Gloucester CountyNew Jersey New Jersey$89,056
97Waukesha CountyWisconsin Wisconsin$88,985
98Union CountyOhio Ohio$88,565
99Dakota CountyMinnesota Minnesota$88,468
100Dallas CountyIowa Iowa$88,368