Proportion of Hispanic and Latino Americans in each county of the fifty states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico as of the 2020 United States Census

This list of U.S. cities by American Hispanic and Latino population covers all incorporated cities and Census-designated places with a population over 100,000 and a proportion of Hispanic and Latino residents over 30% in the 50 U.S. states, the District of Columbia, and the territory of Puerto Rico and the population in each city that is either Hispanic or Latino.

The data source for the list is the 2020 United States Census.[1]

Overall, at the time of the 2020 Census, there were 65.3 Million Americans who were Hispanic or Latino, making up 19.5% of the U.S. population. State by state, the highest number of Hispanic Americans could be found in California (15.58 Million), Texas (11.44 Million), Florida (5.70 Million), New York state (3.95 Million), and Puerto Rico (3.25 Million). Meanwhile, the highest proportions of Hispanic Americans were in Puerto Rico (98.88%), New Mexico (47.74%), California (39.40%), Texas (39.26%), and Arizona (30.65%).

Throughout the country, there are 342 cities with a population over 100,000. 47 of them had Hispanic majorities, and in 74 more cities, between 30% and 50% of the population identified as Hispanic. Out of the 47 majority-Hispanic cities, 26 are in California, 9 were in Texas, and 5 were in Puerto Rico. Florida and New Jersey had two each, while New Mexico, Nevada, and Pennsylvania all had one.

In 2020, the largest cities which had a Hispanic majority were San Antonio, Texas (Population 1.43 Million), El Paso, Texas (Population 679 Thousand), Fresno, California (Population 542 Thousand), Miami, Florida (Population 442 Thousand), and Bakersfield, California (Population 403 Thousand).


The list below consists of each city (or city-equivalent) in the fifty states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico with a population over 100,000 and a Hispanic proportion over 30% as of the 2020 Census. It includes the city's total population, the number of Hispanic people in the city, and the percentage of people in the city who are Hispanic. The table is initially sorted by the Hispanic proportion of each city but is sortable by any of its columns, as can be found by clicking the table headers.

CityStateHispanic %PopulationHispanic
Caguas Puerto Rico99.23%127,244126,270
Ponce Puerto Rico99.13%137,491136,300
Bayamón Puerto Rico98.96%185,187183,263
Carolina Puerto Rico98.45%154,815152,417
San Juan Puerto Rico97.76%342,259334,601
East Los Angeles California95.9%[2]118,786113,036
Hialeah Florida95.7%[3]223,109209,784
Laredo Texas95.5%[3]255,205242,818
Brownsville Texas93.88%186,738175,310
Edinburg Texas88.44%100,24388,658
McAllen Texas86.67%142,210123,250
El Paso Texas81.25%678,815551,513
Salinas California79.60%163,542130,178
Santa Ana California76.73%310,227238,022
Santa Maria California76.54%109,70783,968
Downey California75.09%114,35585,866
Oxnard California74.72%202,063150,984
Rialto California74.35%104,02677,345
Norwalk California71.56%102,77373,548
Pomona California71.22%151,713108,044
Jurupa Valley California70.49%105,05374,047
Miami Florida70.20%442,241310,472
Ontario California68.43%175,265119,928
San Bernardino California68.04%222,101151,125
Pasadena Texas67.81%151,950103,037
Fontana California67.79%208,393141,269
Elizabeth New Jersey65.72%137,29890,233
El Monte California64.70%109,45070,819
San Antonio Texas63.85%1,434,625916,010
Paterson New Jersey61.89%159,73298,863
Palmdale California61.81%169,450104,742
Moreno Valley California61.43%208,634128,168
Corpus Christi Texas60.71%317,863192,990
Las Cruces New Mexico60.33%111,38567,204
Chula Vista California59.78%275,487164,698
Odessa Texas56.14%114,42864,244
Victorville California55.44%134,81074,745
Riverside California54.73%314,998172,386
Sunrise Manor Nevada54.57%205,618112,208
Allentown Pennsylvania54.22%125,84568,232
Anaheim California53.82%346,824186,651
West Covina California53.06%109,50158,102
Bakersfield California52.75%403,455212,822
Visalia California52.75%141,38474,575
Escondido California51.79%151,03878,226
Inglewood California51.67%107,76255,677
Fresno California50.50%542,107273,771
Pembroke Pines Florida49.73%171,17885,133
Pueblo Colorado49.28%111,87655,133
Albuquerque New Mexico47.69%564,559269,238
Elgin Illinois47.44%114,79754,460
Los Angeles California46.94%3,898,7471,829,991
Springfield Massachusetts46.74%155,92972,874
Corona California46.52%157,13673,102
Grand Prairie Texas45.26%196,10088,749
Lancaster California45.15%173,51678,338
Richmond California44.58%116,44851,912
Lehigh Acres Florida44.43%114,28750,772
Mesquite Texas44.15%150,10866,272
Stockton California44.14%320,804141,601
Hartford Connecticut44.04%121,05453,315
Lynn Massachusetts44.01%101,25344,560
Houston Texas43.97%2,304,5801,013,423
Providence Rhode Island43.90%190,93483,815
Long Beach California43.28%466,742201,997
Modesto California42.91%218,46493,733
Garland Texas42.66%246,018104,945
Bridgeport Connecticut42.28%148,65462,853
Dallas Texas42.26%1,304,379551,174
Tucson Arizona42.18%542,629228,878
Yonkers New York42.10%211,56989,065
Rio Rancho New Mexico41.65%104,04643,334
Midland Texas41.62%132,52455,161
Aurora Illinois41.53%180,54274,981
Hayward California41.16%162,95467,079
Orange California41.15%139,91157,575
Phoenix Arizona41.14%1,608,139661,574
Irving Texas41.09%256,684105,469
Miramar Florida41.08%134,72155,337
North Las Vegas Nevada40.73%262,527106,940
Greeley Colorado40.22%108,79543,758
Hollywood Florida39.87%153,06761,031
Waterbury Connecticut39.58%114,40345,281
Davie Florida39.52%105,69141,769
West Valley City Utah39.42%140,23055,278
Glendale Arizona39.31%248,32597,617
Menifee California37.79%102,52738,749
Fullerton California37.76%143,61754,225
Rancho Cucamonga California37.41%174,45365,261
Garden Grove California37.28%171,94964,102
Costa Mesa California36.45%111,91840,795
Antioch California36.40%115,29141,965
Newark New Jersey36.39%311,549113,374
Oceanside California36.37%174,06863,316
Thornton Colorado36.23%141,86751,392
Lubbock Texas35.60%257,14191,545
Ventura California35.12%110,76338,902
Fort Worth Texas34.81%918,915319,836
Kansas City Kansas34.57%156,60754,144
Santa Clarita California34.43%228,67378,735
Santa Rosa California34.29%178,12761,082
Joliet Illinois33.59%150,36250,510
Paradise Nevada33.53%191,23864,116
Las Vegas Nevada33.31%641,903213,828
Pasadena California32.98%138,69945,742
Miami Gardens Florida32.88%111,64036,711
Orlando Florida32.86%307,573101,061
Amarillo Texas32.59%200,39365,302
Austin Texas32.48%961,855312,448
Lewisville Texas32.06%111,82235,853
Carrollton Texas31.68%133,43442,272
Waco Texas31.67%138,48643,857
San Jose California31.21%1,013,240316,266
Concord California31.06%125,41038,953
Arlington Texas30.68%394,266120,944
New Haven Connecticut30.64%134,02341,068
Fairfield California30.63%119,88136,723
Murrieta California30.58%110,94933,925
Clovis California30.46%120,12436,594
Aurora Colorado30.27%386,261116,902
Sparks Nevada30.13%108,44532,670


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