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Friday, August 19, 2022

Fullerton Resident Turns 104

By Urooj NaveedAugust 18, 2022

Avis Curriston, a resident at Sunnycrest Senior Living, turned 104 on August 6, 2022. The staff at Sunnycrest organized a Hawaiian-themed birthday party for her with cake, tropical drinks, and Alohi Polynesian dancers.

Avis was the third youngest among seven children, and she has survived them all. She grew up on a farm in Indiana and worked at Tom Key Realty in Fullerton.

Avis and Kevin Curriston. Photo by Urooj Naveed.

Avis’s son, Kevin Curriston, revealed the secrets behind Avis’s longevity: good genes, proper nutrition, and always taking care of her health. Avis’s parents and siblings also lived long lives. He said, “Family–husband, children, and later her grandchildren— meant everything to her. They kept her active and productive.”

Kevin is taking part in a centenarian medical study through the Einstein Medical Center in New York on behalf of Avis because she is hard of hearing. The study focuses on identifying what factors contribute to longevity.

Julie Sanchez, a staff member at Sunnycrest Senior Living, told The Observer, “Avis loves being independent. She tries to be as independent as her body will let her.”

Observer volunteers filmed a video of the celebration. It is available to watch on YouTube.

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