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Wednesday, September 7, 2022


September 7, 2022

September 29 - October 31


Long Beach, CA

Alongside the historic queen mary

About Shaqtoberfest

Shaq is taking over Long Beach, California for his own twist on Halloween at Shaqtoberfest. With the historic Queen Mary as the backdrop, Shaqtoberfest will be the ultimate Halloween destination this October!


Family Fun And Trick Or Treating During The Day

A Frightfully Fun Halloween Festival At Night!

During the day, Shaq Diesel’s Pumpkin Patch offers a traditional experience where kids of all ages can explore the attraction by stopping at one of the many trick-or-treat stations, pumpkin sculptures, or inflatable play zones.

At night, the attraction erupts to life as a Shaq Diesel mix blasts throughout the area accompanied by an over-the-top light show mixing Halloween and EDM into a walk-through experience.

Midway Madness is a festive street carnival, complete with a clown-infested Funhouse! Filled with rides, games, and a variety of food, the carnival offers trick-or-treating during the day and an adult experience after 8pm.

Located underneath the gangways alongside the Queen Mary, guests can explore the area where time and its inhabitants have been stuck in the 1920’s.

During the day, guests can trick-or-treat amongst the larger-than-life characters or grab a frozen treat at the waterfront Ice Cream Shaq. But be warned- when the sun sets on Lost City Boardwalk, ghastly characters emerge from the seedy underbelly of the boardwalk!

Rusted vessels and withering cargo shrouded in fog and whispering echoes lie between the boardwalk and a nearby fishing village, surrounded by dangerous seafaring undead surfacing from their watery graves.

This area is a family-friendly trick-or-treat spot during the day and an eerie gauntlet after 8pm.

From nautical filled fisheries to eerie bait shops guests navigate past the reaching tentacles of large sea creatures who have made their way ashore. The local lighthouse keeper and fisherman guard the boathouse to keep young ones safe from any critters with a delicious piece of candy to celebrate Halloween.

After the witching hour, however, all bets are off!

On the hunt for buried treasure, pirates have invaded the local shore and caves searching for riches. Greeted by Blackbeard Bart, Guests make their way through dark alleys and caves of a waterfront village overtaken by pirates.

Located within the area is a secret pirate lair “Captain Shaq’s Hideaway” where guests can grab a shot of rum punch, toast to the pirate’s life and fire a cannon.

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